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Water Marbling (EBRU) Course Starts at Lubbock Raindrop Turkish House


Do you want to paint on water?

This course will teach the basics of water-based (Turkish) paper marbling using acrylic and tempera paints. Learn how to prepare paper for marbling as well as basic marbling techniques. You will then have the opportunity to make your own marbled papers and patterns. Students who wish to marble their own specific types of paper should bring them on the first day of class to be prepared for marbling on day two.$10 per class

every Thursday at 6 pm

First Class: 16 February 2012

for more information and  registration contact:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


IMG_3809Turkish Cooking Classes Fall 2011 Contest took place on November 19th in Raindrop Turkish House. After five classes with the most famous and delicious Turkish foods, now it was time for the contest in which our students actually cooked! First, we watched a short clip about what we did during the semester. Then, the contest started! There were two tasks in the contest. First task was to make the pogaca (Turkish pastry) with creative shapes and make and design the Kisir (Bulgar Salad) as groups. Our juries checked their design and taste. Frankly, it was more delicious than we all expected. Our participants proved that they are really advanced. Second task was to answer the questions about the cooking tricks individually. After tough competition, Faith Tate was our winner. As a prize, she had a chance to represent Lubbock Turkish Cooking Classes in Turkish Olympiad Art Contest on February 18th in Houston. Of course, there were many other gifts for our winner and all participants. After enjoying with the contest, we had a great lunch with the foods that our students cooked during contest and many other Turkish foods.

Now, we are looking forward to meeting you in spring semester!!

(November 19th 2012, Lubbock,TX)

Cooking Class attendees enjoyed the Cooking Classes with another fun and educational class

cookingclass2012We had our second advanced class on February 4th. Arzu presented us how to make Samsa (Meat Dumplings) and Beauty Salad. When she was rolling dough out, we are all amazed how a dough ball turned into big thin sheet. All advanced student helped Arzu to make dumplings. While we were waiting the foods to be cooked, we watched a video about Turkish Tea By Katharine Branning, who is the writer of the book "Yes, I would love another glass of tea". Then, food was ready and we had a great lunch with friendly atmosphere.

Here are some comments of our students:

"Awesome! I love the opportunity to learn from people of such a caring culture"

"Samsa was excellent! Beauty salad I will make as soon as I can"

"Fantastic as usual! Always great to see everyone!"


cookingclassRaindrop Turkish House hosted the first beginner cooking class of the semester on Saturday, January 28th. A volunteer of Raindrop Women Association has taught how to cook baklava,kisir and pogaca. There were 15 new students in the class and they all fell in love with the Turkish cuisine. They have also learnt about the Turkish tea times by a presentation and are invited for a real tea time at a Turkish family's home.

For those who missed the first class you may find the recipes below and if you want to attend the following classes,you are still welcome! Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Noah’s Pudding (Ashure) Celebration with the Presentation of Agri (Ararat) Province

ashure-noahs2What is Noah's Pudding(Ashura)?

Noah's Pudding is one of the oldest recipes in the world. It is a dessert that is made of a mixture consisting of grains, fruits and nuts.

The History of Noah's Pudding(Ashura) When the great flood started, a long and hard journey was awaiting Noah (pbuh) and the believers, a long, tumultuous journey. Days had passed, and food was scarce. They were facing starvation. Limited quantities of food left the people longing for a true meal; thus the idea of Noah(pbuh) the people gathered all the food and by mixing them, obtained a delicious meal. With this believers survived through the famine. The very next day, the flood receded. Today we call the meal Noah(pbuh) prepared "Noah's Pudding". It is also called as "Ashura".Since that day, Muslims cook it every year in the month of Muharram according to the Islamic calendar. In remembrance of what Noah and his people went through, mixing all the dry beans and wheat they can find, making this pudding and sharing it with their neighbors.

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