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Indonesian Consul General Benny Permadi Suryawinata visited Raindrop Turkevi.

 Indonesian Consul General Benny Permadi Suryawinata visited Raindrop Turkevi on January 17.
We discussed cultural and business issues between Turkey and Indonesia. Mr. Benny is planning to join Turkey Trip.

The members of our neighborhood fire station visited our center
Active ImageThe members of our neighborhood fire station visited our center for a dinner on October 18, 2006.† Some of the pictures from this visit can be seen on this page.† It was a very nice gathering.† We introduced them our foundation, talked about some of the past activities and told them how much we appreciated what they do for the community.† Our guests†talked about the challenges of working as a fire fighter†and the daily life at the fire station.
Nevruz Festival
nevruz4.jpgNevruz is a spring celebration observed widely by the Turkic peoples living ina wide territory that includes East and Central Asia,Siberia, theCaucasus, Crimea, Anatolia and the Balkans. . Nevruz generally falls around March 21, corresponding to the vernal equinox, when the day and night are of equal length. Nevruz is an official holiday in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and a public holiday in Turkey. Other Turkic peoples such as Uyghurs, Yakuts, Karakalpaks, Volga or Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs and Crimean Tatars also participate in spring celebrations.
(April 1,2007,HOUSTON)
1st.Annual Turkish Olympiad
turkce_olimpiyat.jpg March 31st., Raindrop Foundation is sponsoring First Annual Turkish Olympiad for Texas Schools.(March 31,2007,HOUSTON)
'Noahís Pudding Celebration 'Abrahamic Heritage Still Continues Totay
noahspudding.jpg As one of grass roots activities of the Raindrop Turkevi, the "Noah's Pudding" celebrates the common heritage of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

In the Muslim prophetic tradition, the day Moses (peace be upon him) and his community were saved from the Pharaoh's army, and the day Noah's (peace be upon him) ark was saved from the flood is celebrated with fasting and in modern times with the sharing of a piece of desert known as Noah's pudding.

(February 16-23, 2007, HOUSTON)
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