Raindrop Foundation Houston hosted Annual Friendship and engagement iftar dinner with local government officials

local goverment 8The Annual Friendship and Engagement Iftar Dinner  for local government officials, peace officers, other public servants and their families has held on Wednesday, 8th of June 2016 at the Turquoise Center. 


The Raindrop Foundation organizes this annual dinner as a token of appreciation for those who dedicate their lives for our communities every day. This annual dinner is held during Ramadan since it is the month of sharing and getting closer with the community members. 

The program was started with welcome remarks and speeches. Mehmet Okumush, CEO of Raindrop Foundation and  Mahmut Gok, Executive Director of Embrace Relief SW gave brief introduction about each organization. Dr. Dogan Koc talked about social benefits of fasting during his speech followed by call to prayer by Nihat Yesil.

Guests enjoyed the dinner and as well as breaking bread together as a community that they serve while Nazli Cizmeci, the Ebru artist, was performing incredible water marbling art. One of the most fun part of the evening was the competition of making stuffed grape leaves by police officers.

Mattie Provost, Assistant Police Chief said during the dinner “this is my first time here at the center but definitely will not be the last time. We really enjoyed the partnership with Raindrop Foundation.” She explained the reason why she joined police department as “ I am the servant of hearts to give back to community.” She continued “ it is so good to be here tonight, because that is exactly what you guys do here. It is get back to community. Thank you so much for honoring the police officers for their services.”

Troy Finner, Assistant Police Chief, said that “ a lot of people say the stuff, but there are people who do the stuff. Every time I come here, I feel warm spirit and love from everybody. I am so glad that you came to this particular community. It is always service, whatever we need from the police department, we need a meeting place. Thank you so much what you do for the community."    

At the end of the evening, Raindrop Foundation board members presented appreciation awards to Arthur Castillo and Curtis Mayfield for their tremendous performance on their duties. 

Officers mentioned that they value this program because of not only building partnership but also strengthening friendship among our community especially these days which is very challenging for police officers. 

You may want to watch the event videos from our youtube link at http://www.youtube.com/turkishhouse