Save the Date for the 14th Annual International Festival of Language and Culture Southwest USA in Houston Texas.

iflctxRaindrop Foundation is pleased to announce that 14th Annual International Festival of Language and Culture Southwest USA Gala will be held on Saturday, February 6, 2106, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Hobby Center in Houston, Texas.  The festival is an annual celebration and showcase for the diversity of linguistic talents from across the world. It is dedicated to cultivate and educate the youth and create a platform to share their cultural heritage with their peers around the world. It is our mission to rise on the wings of art and music and promote peace, love, and cultural encounters throughout the world.

Our vision is uniting nations of the world with universal human values. The parent organization of International Festival of Language and Culture is the largest and most prominent organization for promoting world languages and cultures. RDF values language learning and organizes this event to motivate youth to learn a second language and culture other than their own. Our efforts are to promote research and information exchanges in support of peace, friendship, and understanding.

The festival gives students the opportunity to showcase their singing talents in various performances while representing their own country. The students will be showcasing their singing and dancing talents in their native language and culture at this first class International Festival of Language and Culture.

Houston will host students from six states including Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kansas and New Mexico and students from guest countries e.g. France, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Ukraine, Pakistan, Georgia, Indonesia, Brazil, Tunisia and Senegal. 

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