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Qurban-i Eid Celebration
pony.jpgDallas Raindrop Turkevi has celebrated Qurbani Eid Festival in White Rock Lake which is in Dallas. This lake is both close to downtown and has a nice panorama. Celebration commenced early morning at 9 am. Program started with serving a brunch to our guests. On the menu there was a fried meat and Turkish cuisine specials. While guests were enjoying their delicious brunch, Raindrop Turkevi Kids Chorus have sang songs, preceded with long clapping. Moreover, Raindrop Turkevi has hired Pony Ride to amuse kids and make them feel the specialty of the day. Furthermore, Raindrop Turkevi did not forget presents for children whose were present during the celebration which were given by senior members of the Turkish community. Finally, Turkish, Turkmen, Ahiskan and Bosnian communities in Dallas had a nice celebration of Qurban-i Eid. (12.31.2006, DALLAS)
Ladies Coffee Night
coffeenight.jpgRaindrop Turkevi Ladies in Dallas has organized ìLadies Coffee Nightî on January, 2007. It was planned early January but because of the weather conditions,†night was postponed. During the coffee night ladies enjoyed not only, Turkish dishes but also, Turkish tea and coffee. Later on they had a presentation about organic herbs and spices which was very informative. Moreover, ladies†learned how to make different nice shapes only by using colored paper and scissors which they find very interesting. This is one of the ënot to miss eventí for ladies in Dallas.
Wedding of Dr. Eski

kandil_324.jpgRaindrop Turkevi volunteer got married on August, 2006 in White Rock Lake, Dallas. Hundreds of people from Turkish, Turkmen and Ahiskan communities were present†at the wedding. As a Raindrop Turkevi, we wish Dr. Eski and his family a life together. Also, let†their life filled with love and may all†their dreams come true.

Raindrop Turkevi hosted TSA presidents
hpim0168.jpgRaindrop Turkevi has hosted Mr. Gokalp Celik, active president of UT Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) Turkish Student Association (TSA) and Mr. Muhammet Pakdil former president of Southern Methodist University (SMU) TSA.†Moreover,†both president of†University of Texas at Dallas†(UTD)†TSA Mr. Oktay Urcan and president of SMU TSA†Mr. Abdullah Kumas†were†present at the breakfast organized by the Raindrop Turkevi. Mr. Celik stated that "Raindrop Turkevi is doing a great job in serving the young Turkish academicians studying at the UTSW." Mr. Pakdil as former TSA president of SMU also thanked Raindrop Turkevi for organizing acitivities that bring members of TSA of different institutions.(February 10,2007,DALLAS)
Dallas County Sheriff Has Visited Raindrop Turkevi
sherifintro.jpgDallas County Sheriff Ms. Valdez has visited Raindrop Turkevi in Dallas.††Sheriff has stated "Raindrop Foundation is doing what we cannot find time to do; I am supporting you." †She also mentioned that fear is because of unknowns, so we should enlighten the dark sides by learning and communicating. Therefore, education was stressed by her for the healthy communication among both individuals and communities. By the way, she enjoyed Turkish cuisine and preferred Turkish tea instead of black coffee, after her lunch.(February 10,2007,DALLAS)
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