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Dallas County Sheriff Has Visited Raindrop Turkevi
sherifintro.jpgDallas County Sheriff Ms. Valdez has visited Raindrop Turkevi in Dallas.††Sheriff has stated "Raindrop Foundation is doing what we cannot find time to do; I am supporting you." †She also mentioned that fear is because of unknowns, so we should enlighten the dark sides by learning and communicating. Therefore, education was stressed by her for the healthy communication among both individuals and communities. By the way, she enjoyed Turkish cuisine and preferred Turkish tea instead of black coffee, after her lunch.(February 10,2007,DALLAS)
Award Ceremony

hpim0156.jpgMs. Carolyn Barta has been awarded by Raindrop Turkevi for her writing in Dallas Morning News.Ms. Carolyn Barta, of SMU and a prominent writer at Dallas Morning News, has published two outstanding articles about the Turkey trip. We are also very thankful to Sharon Grigsby, Deputy Editorial Page Editor DMNews. As Raindrop Turkevi, we would like to give an Appreciation Award to Ms. Carolyn Barta for valued services and contribution to interfaith and intercultural dialogue.

(February 10,2007,DALLAS)

Congresswoman Visited Dallas Raindrop Turkevi

picture_090.jpgCongresswoman Hon. Eddie Bernice Johnson has visited Raindrop Turkevi in Dallas on 16th of September, 2006. Raindrop Turkevi has served congresswoman and her team delicious dishes from Turkish cuisine. After the dinner there was a video presentation about her program. Preceding the video show, she gave an informative speech. Members of Raindrop Turkevi asked questions and she answered after her speech, wholeheartedly. Moreover, Raindrop Turkevi has served Turkish tea and coffee during her visit.(Septembe16,2006,DALLAS)


Conference on Exploring Models for Peace by Re-Exploring Past: Diversity in the Ottoman Empire

 Over the last two decades, the focus of world politics has shifted from ideological conflicts between the two Super Powers to the so-called ìclash of civilizationsî, which foresees in the post-Cold War era the collision of world civilizations on global scale. Built on the essentialist assumption of the primordial and intrinsic discord of the Islamic and the Western-Christian worlds this view predicts that a major clash will take place between these two civilizations. This self-fulfilling prophecy seems to have both legitimized and also was corroborated by the unfortunate developments on the Middle Eastern scene over the last few years.(March 24-25,2007,AUSTIN)

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