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Thank you for your contribution to Raindrop Foundation. Raindrop Foundation is possible in part due to the generous support of contributors like yourself who value our commitment to the promotion tolerance and understanding. Raindrop Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded in Houston in 2002. All of your donations will be tax-deductible in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service Code.
Fishing Club
Raindrop Clubs
Kid's Club

RDF Kids' Club provides an informal, physically challenging and active outdoor environment for children between the ages of five and fifteen. Children are exposed to a wide variety of activities including separate programs for girls and boys.

We provide activities designed to offer children the opportunities to learn new skills in athletics, confidence building, social interaction, creativity, and sportsmanship with an emphasis on encouragement and self improvement.

Our goal is to provide your child with opportunities to discover new activities and interests that are challenging, fun, and unique.

Tutoring Program

At the RDF Kids Club Tutoring Program, our volunteer is committed to the students entrusted in their care. We strive to provide a nurturing atmosphere that helps students grow and develop to their full potential.
Our Tutoring Program seeks to improve the educational success of middle school students, specifically, to meet or exceed Texas State standards in reading, math, and science.

Language Program for Kids

Placing equal emphasis on speaking, listening, reading and writing, the language program's balanced and thorough approach instills the student with greater understanding and appreciation for Turkish culture. Turkish language courses extend over a term of three sessions. Instructors are experienced Turkish language teachers with university affiliations. Class size is limited to ten or fewer students to allow more interaction with the instructor and other students. Classes are offered throughout the year in three sequential levels from beginning to advance.

We are also organizing children's activity groups for children that are already bilingual and will be working towards offering advancedTurkish (Literacy) classes once the demand presents itself.

RDF Kid’s Club is a non-denominational program and all are welcome.

Ladies Club

"The main duty and purpose of human life is to seek to understanding. The effort of doing so, known as education, is a perfecting process though which we earn, in the spiritual, intellectual, and physical dimensions of their beings, the rank appointed for us as the perfect pattern of our creation."

The RDF Women offers workshops and seminars to the general public.†† These ìcontinuing educationî workshops will give participants an opportunity to gain facility around topics of interests in an inclusive and supportive environment.

The RDF Women are continually generating opportunities for women of varying cultural, ethnic, faith backgrounds to get to know one another.† The RDF Womenís interfaith workshops, language classes, cooking classes, and cultural appreciation seminars are wonderful places to share in the experiences of others, while appreciating the contributions of all.



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