Austin Ladies' Coffee Night with Lynn Hayden

IMG 1463The tradition goes on and RAWA started the new year with an another memorable Ladies' Coffee Night

With a rich and traditional dinner as always, all guests were pleased from the beginning of the night.. All ladies gathered around the tables had a chance to meet and share and exchange ideas as well.

Our dear friend, Courtney DeboWer was the emcee of the evening. 

The keynote speaker of the night was Lynn Hayden, a management consultant who started her speech with some simple yet basic tips on how to be organized and how to "clear the clatter"s in our lifes!

She has shared so many notes of the class she teaches about realizing and placing "values" of our lives and putting our priorities in the first place. Her speech got so intense and touching with her own personal examples and anectodes she shared and audience was inspired so much!

After this beautiful speech, our guests got a chance to meet a Turkish marbling art (ebru) artist, Seher Dogan and watched her performing this unique art! Turkish coffee? We never forget that! It was served during this beautiful demonstration.

The night ended with an "eat the muffin blind-folded" game and so many more laughters, chats and fun until the room was completely empty. 




Our quest organisation for this coffee night waas Foundation Communities. Julia Quintana, Outreach Coordinator at Foundation Communities, gave information about the organization to the visitors at the booth, she also has done the closing remarks at the end of the evening.

Special thanks to Courtney DeboWer for being our mc despite her throat problem.  

As RAWA, we can't wait for our next Coffee Night which is going to take place on March 6th, with an another lovely keynote speaker, Chief Jessica Robledo from Austin Police Department. Please come, join us!