Henna Night at Raindrop Turkish House in Memphis

RD_Turkish_House_Henna_1Turkish ladies organized a fascinating Henna Night on Saturday, December 10th in 2011 at Raindrop Turkish House in Memphis, Tennessee. 

At the beginning Mrs. Ozgenc Kocak gave a presentation about details of Henna Night. Then special song by name Yuksek Yuksek Tepelere (To High Hills) dedicated to this night was sung and the Henna Night Ceremony was performed.

After the dance performances of various cultures plenty of gifts and presents were given to bride by attendees. The event followed by delicious Turkish food and dessert.

(December 12, 2011, Memphis, TN)

A short information about the Henna Night in Turkey: It is a traditional Turkish bachelorette party which is celebrated a day before the wedding day. The bride's closest friends and female family members gather to eat, dance, and sing. They put henna on their hands. The stains it leaves on their hands for weeks afterwards tell everyone that they are a new bride, or have been to a close friend or family-member's wedding. The following day the bride leaves her father's house, where she has lived all her life, to live in her new husband's house.