Raindrop Turkish House Luncheon Forum

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Raindrop Turkish House Oklahoma City chapter hosted a luncheon on December 12, Monday. The topic of the luncheon was " Women's Impact: Changing our community. How the gift of time, talent and treasure can change the quality of life in our community, one issue at a time”. The keynote speaker was Janet L. Peery. Peery is the CEO of the YWCA Oklahoma City. Peery began her speech with a brief history of the YWCA organization and talked about the services they offer. Peery emphasized on the importance of addressing the domestic violence through education.

She stated that violence can only be stopped with teaching that violence is not acceptable in any way. She pointed out that Oklahoma is the 11th state in terms of domestic violence especially women related. She also mentioned the fact that one in four women is being exposed to violence in the state of Oklahoma. At the end of the program, the audience had a chance to direct their questions to Janet L. Peery. The luncheon ended with a presentation of a gift for Janet L. Peery.