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Raindrop Turkish House Hosted FBI Albuquerque Division for Ramadan Iftar Dinner

fbidinnerAlbuquerque Raindrop Turkish House hosted FBI Albuquerque Division, Carol K.O. Lee special agent in Charge and her team for Ramadan Iftar Dinner. Before the dinner, the night started with welcoming of guests by Abq IID representative and Executive Director of Raindrop to the friendship and engagement dinner. Following, Executive Director of Raindrop gave some information about Raindrop, its mission in Abq, previous- future events of Raindrop and presented a video related to these topics. After that, all the guests enjoyed delicious Turkish Food. While having the dinner, the event continued with a presentation about IID and historic, cultural heritage of Turkey by IID rep.

At the end of the event one of the local Turkish American businessmen presented a gift to the special agent in charge to Abq division Carol K.O. Lee. After the program guests continued to have conversation and exchanged their information for further dialog and friendship.

(August 13, 2012. Albuquerque, NM)

Albuquerque Raindrop Turkish House Hosted Turkish American Community for a Ramadan Iftar Dinner

raindropalbuquerqueiftarAlbuquerque Raindrop Turkish House hosted the Turkish American Community for a Ramadan Iftar Dinner sponsored by a local Turkish American businessman on August 4th 2012. After having delicious iftar dinner with 65 people, the Executive Director of RDTH gave some information about RDTH, its mission in Albuquerque and Raindrop's past and future events. He also presented an introducing video of Raindrop Turkish House. Following, he stated the importance of RDTH in Albuquerque and also to keep alive Turkish Culture in American multicultural society. He put emphasize on the significance of "adaptation but not assimilation".

At the end of the speech, he called the sponsor to the podium to receive an appreciation award "in appreciation for all his hard work and dedication to Turkish American community". The award presented to sponsor by Unal Sakoglu who is the former president of UNM Turkish Student Association.

It was a gathering for Turkish Americans not only breaking their fasts, but also letting them know each other and having conversations. Evening was one of the most commemorable events for Turkish Americans living in Albuquerque.

(August 4, 2012. Albuquerque, NM)

Albuquerque Raindrop Woman Association Hosted a Ramadan Iftar Dinner

twaiftarAlbuquerque Raindrop Woman Association hosted a Ramadan Iftar Dinner for Turkish-American ladies on July 28th. Guests are informed about Raindrop Woman Association's activities and following one of the "Trips to Turkey 2012" participants Monica shared her experience and photos of Turkey with the guests. They had warm conversations throughout the night.

(July 28, 2012. Albuquerque, NM)

UNM- College of Education Had One of It's Classes in Abq Raindrop Turkish House

collegeofeducationAlbuquerque Raindrop Turkish House hosted Masters- PhD students and their professor Dr. Lani Gunawardena from the College of Education of University of New Mexico (UNM). The ‘Cross Cultural Issues in Adult Learning’ class students from the Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology Department (OLIT) came to RDTH to have the class on July 19th, 2012 at 4:20 p.m. The meeting was started with warm greetings and welcome to the guests by the Executive Director of RDTH and followed by the presentation of Raindrop Turkish House. The program kept on going with having the class at the same time having the delicious Turkish coffee. After the class (at 6:30 p.m.), the guests enjoyed delicious homemade Turkish Food made by local Turkish families. The program ended at 7:30 p.m.

(July 19, 2012. Albuquerque, NM)

Henna Night Party in Raindrop Turkish House- Albuquerque

secondnennanightAlbuquerque Raindrop Women Association organized spectacular Henna Night (in Turkish: Kina Gecesi) in an illustrative example of Heather Bubon on April 14, 2012. More than 40 women celebrated Heather's illustrative example henna night which is a traditional Turkish bachelorette party celebrated a night before the wedding night in Turkey. The Night was started with the presentation of traditional Turkish Henna Night and then attendees enjoyed delicious Turkish pastry and desserts. After a while, the illustrative example bride (Heather) came inside the hall and she was surrounded by everyone. Following to put henna upon her hands, everyone performed a slow dance with a traditional henna song which is named "high- high mountain tops". The lyrics of the henna song are: "They shouldn't build homes high up on the mountain tops; they shouldn't give girls to faraway lands; they shouldn't neglect the mother's one and only; may the birds carry the message, I miss my mother, both my mother and father, I miss my village". At the end of the night, attendees were agreed that it was a different and unforgettable experience. Following they played games and had ruffle. The night was ended with delivering henna to the participants.

(April 14, 2012. Albuquerque, NM)

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