LSU Provost Adresses University's Future


Raindrop Turkish House in Baton Rouge, hosted John Maxwell Hamilton. LSU Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost John Maxwell Hamilton spoke in the luncheon forum on “LSU and the Future of Higher Education in the Baton Rouge Area” on Friday, March 11.

Provost Hamilton talked about higher education in greater Baton Area in which LSU has been the flagship university, not only in Baton Rouge but also in the state of Louisiana. Jack Hamilton stressed the importance of operating efficiently and saving money for the future of higher education.

Hamilton said the University needs greater levels of monetary freedom to compete in the marketplace.

"We have to have a model like a great university that has some control over price and some control over cost," Hamilton said.

Hamilton said one way to raise money is to increase tuition but also to maintain aid to students who wouldn't be able to attend the University otherwise.

"LSU needs to be affordable. It doesn't make sense to go to LSU for $848 a semester," Hamilton said, "because that's what it is if you're on TOPS."

(March 21, 2011. Baton Rouge, LA)