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Raindrop Turkish House Hosted Iftar Dinner
sept_2_dinner.jpgOn September 2nd Raindrop Turkish House hosted an Iftar dinner. Eric Wade Lenexa city administrator, Ellen Hanson Lenexa Chief of Police, John Meier Leawood Chief of Police, Larry Larimore Deputy Chief of Shawnee Police Department, Troy Rettig Deputy Chief of Leawood Police Department were some of the guests. At the gathering guests enjoyed delicious homemade Turkish food and traditional Turkish “DONER KEBAP”. As dinner ended Mr. Tatli gave some information about Raindrop Turkish House and its activities to the guests. (September 2nd, 2010 Lenexa, KS)
Intercultural trip to Turkey with the members of the Kansas House of Representatives

turkish_house10_3rd.jpgThe best way to learn different cultures is to visit their countries of origin. Turkish hospitality, rich archaeological and historical sites, and seaside resorts attract more than 30 million visitors each year. Raindrop Turkish House organizes Intercultural trips to Turkey to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding. Intercultural Trip to Turkey has been specifically designed for academics, politicians, bureaucrats, community service providers, journalists and other related professionals to enhance their multicultural experience as well as intercultural relations between the American and Turkish societies. (July 27th, 2010 Turkey)


Raindrop Turkish House Hosted a Luncheoan with Dr. Alp Aslandogan - President of IID
dr._alp__luncheon.jpgRaindrop Turkish House hosted Dr. Y. Alp Aslandogan the president of The Institute of Interfaith Dialog and co-editor of "Muslim Citizens of the Globalized World" at the luncheon on May 8th, 2010. More than fifty distinguished participants from participants from all walks of life including state representatives, professors, community, civic and religious leaders were present at the luncheon. The event started with delicious food, and followed with Dr. Alp Aslandogan’s presentation titled "Turkey's Journey toward Democratization.” Dr. Alp’s lecture let participants learn more about recent history and political reforms in Turkey, the program ended after a question and answer session. (May 8th, 2010 Lenexa, KS)
Raindrop Turkish House Hosted the Administrators of Avila University
turkishhouseavila.jpgOn May 7th 2010, Raindrop Turkish House hosted the administrators of Avila University. The program started with delicious Turkish breakfast and followed with Mr. Tatli’s presentation. Mr. Tatli welcomed the guest and gave some brief information about Turkey, and Raindrop's services to the community, and extended invitation to the guests for trip to Turkey. Provost Dr. Harris also gave some information about Avila University and thanked to Raindrop Executives. (May 7th, 2010 Lenexa, KS)
Raindrop Turkish House Welcomed TUSKON US Executive Director Mr. Hakan Tasci
tuskon_logo.jpgOn April 29th 2010, Raindrop Turkish House hosted Mr. Hakan Tasci who is the the U.S. representative of Tuskon . Tuskon is an umbrella organization of over 150 Turkish trade organizations. The meeting started at 11:30 with lunch of wonderful Turkish food, and then followed with Mr. Tasci’s presentation. He discussed the robust economy of Turkey and trade opportunities available to U.S. business. Mr. also discussed the role that Tuskon plays in U.S. trade, and extended invitation to attend the Tuskon World Trade Bridge meeting in Istanbul in June. The meeting followed up with a question and answer session. (April 29, 2010 Lenexa, KS)
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