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Congressman Jerry Moran visited Raindrop Turkish House in Lenexa, KS and met with Turkish Americans

kansas_congressman_jerry_moran.jpgKANSAS CITY, KS- Congressman Jerry Moran, representing Kansas’ 1st District in the House and was recently elected to the U.S. Senate, visited Raindrop Turkish house in Lenexa, Kansas. During Congressman Moran's Raindrop Turkish House visit, he was given a tour in the center and briefed on cultural and educational services provided by Raindrop Turkish House. Moran also met with Turkish Americans from different backgrounds including entrepreneurs, businessman, medical professionals as well as professors from colleges across Topeka, Overland Park, Wichita, Lenexa, Shawnee, Kansas City, and Lawrence. Jerry Moran served for eight years (1989–1996) in the Kansas Senate. He served two years as the Vice President and his last two years as majority leader. Jerry Moran is currently the U.S. Representative for Kansas's 1st congressional district, serving since 1997. During this time Moran served on the agriculture, transportation and infrastructure, and veterans affairs committees.




Raindrop Turkish House Hosted Dinner of Abrahamic Traditions

abrahamic_t_dinner.jpgOn October 28 Raindrop Turkish House hosted the Dinner of Abrahamic Traditions. The event was organized by the Institute of Interfaith Dialog (IID) for the purpose of strengthening friendship and understanding among three Abrahamic Traditions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The event was held on Thursday evening, October 28, 2010, at the Raindrop Turkish House, and the theme was “Supplication in Abrahamic Traditions”.More than 50 people attended the event, most of whom from clergy and/or academics. The event started with an introduction speech by Mr. Tatli and followed by remarks from three distinguished speakers. Rabbi Alan L. Cohen, Director of Interreligious Affairs of JCRB, Rev. Tom Minges, Associate Pastor at Saint Andrew Christian Church, and Yavuz Silay, MD, MBA. Attendees had a chance to learn more about Christian, Jewish and Islamic perspective to Supplication. The presentations concluded with reading of special prayers by Dr. Yavuz Silay. (October 28, 2010 Lenexa, KS)

Intercultural Trip to Turkey with a Delegation from UMKC

umkc-turkey__trip.jpgTurkey, sitting on a unique geographical position-connecting Asia and Europe, East and West, can be instrumental to initiate the dialog that has been most needed in recent times. Raindrop Turkish House which promotes understanding of diverse cultures, cultivate friendship, strengthen relationships between American and Turkish people  through dialog and corporation.

Between May 21st and May 30th, Raindrop Turkish House hosted a delegation in Turkey mainly from UMKC. The group visited Turkish universities as well as sites of historical and cultural importance including the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, Cappadocia, Ephesus and more. Guests were hosted by several families in different cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Kayseri, Gazi Antep, Kahramanmaras, and Sanli Urfa, and had opportunity to talk at length about the life, culture and the educational system of Turkey. (May 21, 2010, Turkey)

Turkey Trip Orientation Meeting with the Congregation of Saint Therese Little Flower Parish
turkey_orientation.jpgWith a long and illustrious history involving the Romans and Greeks, Byzantines and apostles, Ottoman Turks and more, Turkey is positively brimming with fascinating historical religious sites. On Sunday October 10, Raindrop Turkish House hosted an orientation meeting with the congregation from St. Theresa Little Flower Parish for their trip to Turkey. At the gathering guests had a chance to taste some homemade Turkish food before their travel to Turkey, and followed by Mr. Tatli’s presentation about Turkey and Raindrop Turkish House, he also provided some useful tips for trip Turkey. Gathering ended with a presentation about Islam by Dr. Yavuz’s who is the advisory board member of the Institute of Interfaith Dialog. He gave some basic information on Islam and answered questions.   (October 10, 2010 Lenexa, KS)
US Senator Sam Brownback Visited Kansas Raindrop Turkish House and Met with Turkish Americans

Sam Brownback, whose goal to help renew the American dream for all Kansans by growing the economy, lowering government spending, and increasing individual freedoms, visited Raindrop Turkish house in Lenexa, Kansas.

During Senator Brownback's Raindrop Turkish House visit, he had tour in the center and received information about cultural and educational services of Raindrop Turkish House, and met with Turkish Americans from different backgrounds including entrepreneurs, businessman, medical community as well as professors from colleges across Topeka, Overland Park, Wichita, Lenexa, Shawnee, Kansas City, Lawrence.

The New York Times declared that he is "one of the most conservative, religious, fascinating — and, in many ways, admirable — politicians in America today." The Weekly Standard said Sam is "Mr. Compassionate Conservative," and the American Spectator called him, "a model of modern American conservatism." (September 24, 2010 Lenexa, KS)

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