Turkish Community prays for the Rain! "Days of Prayer for Rain in the State of Texas."

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IMAG0546Wildfires are raging in west and north Texas, 100 percent of the state is under drought conditions with little hope of relief in sight, but Governor Rick Perry has a plan: Pray.

Texas is in the grip of historic wildfires that have destroyed nearly 1.8 million acres of forest and grassland in the state as well as 400 homes. The almost 8,000 fires so far this year are unprecedented, which last weekend prompted Gov. Rick Perry to call upon the national government for assistance. Perry asked "Texans of all faiths and religious traditions" to pray for relief.

In Islam, to pray and to perform namaz for rain is worship. Drought is the exact time for such a prayer. Worshipping and praying is not just offered to bring the rain, otherwise just because the impurity of the intention, intending to pray only for rain would not be accepted.

Turkish community joins the praying for the rain for three days.

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